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Custom Cartoons Links

Cartoonist & Caricaturists

Jamie Sale - Cartoonist
Original cartoonist/ illustrator of Custom Cartoons has a portfolio website advertising him as a freelance cartoonist.
Cartoonist Blog:

Designer Mascots - Cartoon mascot design and cartoon character illustration

Roopesh - Traditional Caricaturist
Roopesh is a creator of more traditional caricatures. Captures his customers very well indeed. Great Prices too.

Ty Lombardi - Custom Cartoonist
Fantastic artist for the dark side of cartoons. Hauntingly brilliant!

Rob Maystead - Caricature Shop
Enjoy the studio and event caricature services of Lexington, Kentucky Based cartoonist Rob Maystead.

ToonJam Studios Ltd - Various Cartoonists
ToonJam Studios is fast becoming the hub for talented cartoonists looking to make a buck or two.

Fun Cartoon Sites

Celebrity Cartoons - Here you will find all of Jamie Sale's brilliant celebrity cartoons.

Unique, Personalised and Special Gifts

Original Gift Ideas- Directory for unique, personalised, gift ideas. Lists Custom Cartoons in the top 20 best gifts.

Web Design & Logo Design

Tted - Website Designer, SEO writer

Essex Services/ Partners

Beanstalk Music - Essex musician

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