Unique, Personalised Custom Caricatures - A Great Gift Idea For Couples, Weddings, Birthdays And Much More
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Caricature Examples | What We Offer

It's worth noting that the examples below don't reflect our limit. If you have an idea for a cartoon/ caricature that's not shown below, please fill out our special request form for a quote.

The images highlighted with a blue border conatin photo's for likeness comparison.

Single Caricatures From £25.00                                                                                     See Pricelist

Football Caricature Fun Caricature Single CaricatureIndividual Caricature Lady With Dog Caricature

Our individual portraits make a great gift for a birthday or christmas. Why not include a pet?

Double Caricatures From £35.00                                                                                            See Pricelist

Cartoon Couple Caricature Engagement Gift Caricature Anniversary Caricature Gift Wedding Caricatures

Our best sellers, double portraits make an ideal gift for couples. Perfect for Valentine's Day and Anniversaries.

Group Caricatures From £45.00                                                                                            See Pricelist

Wedding Caricatures Family CaricaturesFamily CaricaturesFriends Caricatures Faimly Caricatures

Don't know what to get your family for Christmas? Or Friends for their uni graduation? How about a group portrait?

You And A Car Caricatures From £35.00                                                                       See Pricelist

Car CaricaturesJCB CartoonMicrolite CartoonGift Ideas For HimGift Ideas For Him

Do you know a friend or relative who's a car buff? Have a caricature of them with their car. The ideal gift for him.

Headshot Caricatures From £25.00                                                                               See Pricelist

Have a family members face characterised from 3 different angles.

Bodyshot Caricatures From £ 45.00                                                                              See Pricelist

Have a family members full body characterised from 3 different angles.

Special Request Examples                                                                                 Get Quote

Have an idea for a cartoon that's not listed? Check these out. The options are litmitless.

Celebrity Caricatures

Michael Jackson Caricature Justin Bieber Caricature David Cameron Caricature Paris Hilton Caricature Barack Obama Caricature
Johnny Depp Caricature Hugh Laurie Jordan | Katie Price Katy Perry Caricature Russell Brand Caricature

Above is some celebrity caricatures by cartoonist Jamie Sale. You can view tons more celebrity cartoons at www.Celebrity-Cartoons.net and see them exclusively at www.JamieSale-Cartoonist.com/Blog-Of-Cartoons/

Featured Gallery (without photo's)

These are the ideal photo's we require from you. You will be much happier with your final custom cartoon by sending us these or as many photo's as possible!

Ideal Photo's

  • Front view of face
  • Side view of face
  • 5 O'clock view of face
  • Full body
The more photo's you send, the better. Please don't send dark, grainy or small photo's as we cannot work from them. Obviously we are aware you may not be able to get these pictures if they are for somebody else as a present. Facebook is a great way to get photo's of your friends to send us, without giving it away by taking obvious photo's of them.

Make your wedding gift stand out from the crowd, Get a personalised custom caricature cartoon as a the ideal gift that will be never be forgotten. These will be cherished FOREVER!


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