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Caricature Order Form

If you wish to order a caricature from us, please fill out this simple order request form and we will get back to you usually within 8 hours. Please allow for 24 hours though, except weekends which could take 72 hours..

If you're looking to get a quote for a special request cartoon, then please click here.

Please note, payment isn't made with this form, we will get back to you with the final quote and payment details. Photo's will also need to be sent to us on request from us.

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What We Require From You...

These are the ideal photo's we require from you. You will be much happier with your final custom cartoon by sending us these or as many photo's as possible!

Ideal Photo's

  • Front view of face
  • Side view of face
  • 5 O'clock view of face
  • Full body
The more photo's you send, the better. Please don't send dark, grainy or small photo's as we cannot work from them. Obviously we are aware you may not be able to get these pictures if they are for somebody else as a present. Facebook is a great way to get photo's of your friends to send us, without giving it away by taking obvious photo's of them.

Make your wedding gift stand out from the crowd, Get a personalised custom caricature cartoon as a the ideal gift that will be never be forgotten. These will be cherished FOREVER!


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