Frequently Asked Questions: This Resource Should Answer Any Questions You May Have About Our Products And Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an order?
If you are not sure how to order, here's what you need to do in 3 simple steps:

Step One: Details and Photo's
If you click the "Order" link on the top menu, it will take you straight to our order form. This is where you select the type of portrait you desire. You will need to fill in all the details on the form. We will then email you back with a final quote. You will then email us adequate photo's or send us a link to an online photo album.

Step Two: Payment
You will now be prompted for payment. We will provide you with our PayPal details so you can make payment. If you don't have PayPal, we also accept cheque Though this may delay things. Please note, we prefer the use of PayPal so that you have the most secure transaction possible.

Step Three: Completion & Delivery
Once we complete your caricature, we will email you the proofs, incase you wish to make changes before it's printed or sent in a high resolution format. Please note, you cannot make changes that don't correspond to your inital descriptions. For example, if you initially wanted your caricature wearing sandals and thn change your mind afterwards, this will be chargeable. However, if you feel the caricature doesn't look like its subject, we will endeavor to change it free of charge.

Although we usually complete orders within a week, You should allow at least 28 days for completion of your order and delivery to a UK address. However severe demand may extend this period but you be will advised before hand.

What are the best photos to send?
Photos like these (below) would be perfect. A 5 o'clock shot, front shot, side shot and a full body shot. The larger the better. And of course, don't stop at sending just those. The more you send, the better. You will have the option to upload these, or alternatively, you can send us a link to a photo album you may have online.

If you're struggling to find photo's of someone for a surprise gift, (you obviously can't take photo's of them because that would be suspicious and potentially ruin the surprise) then Facebook is a great source for nabbing photo's of your friends.


Why do you need so many photos?
In order to replicate facial characteristics, more than one photo is needed. The more photos you send, the more likely the cartoon will look like the subject. If you have provided less than 2 photo's of a single person, we reserve the right to refuse a modification, at least until more adequate photo's have been received.

What is the best method of payment?
The best purchase method would be through PayPal. It's quick, reliable and very secure. We can make an exception to process your order by cheque if you would prefer. With this method, it may take a little longer to process your order.

Can I find a cheaper alternative elsewhere?
Unlikely. After a lot of research, we are convinced our prices reflect the best value for money offered for the unique form of bespoke, hand drawn, characterised, cartoons of real people.

Could anyone be offended by your caricatures?
Yes they could, however, the cartoons are not designed to offend anyone. They are hand drawn from photographs provided and are commonly drawn and printed on a white background.

What if I'm unhappy with the cartoon?
There is a no refunds policy. This is explained in our policy. However, we emphasise that if you are not satisfied with the end result we will endeavour to re work the drawing for you. This is why, you should send as many photos and give as much detail as possible.

What if I fail to receive my product through the post?
All deliveries to UK mainland addresses will be sent by recorded post. You must contact us if your order has not arrived with in the specified time so that we can progress it with the carrier.

Is there anything in particular that you won't draw?
Generally, No. But you never know what some people might request! However, we will not entertain any commission that might be deemed inappropriate, offensive or illegal.

How do you actually make the cartoons?
The cartoons are all originally hand sketched. They are then scanned and digitised. Finally, they can be framed, mounted and printed.

What happened to JuiceCom?
For those who are unaware, JuiceCom was the original website set up by Jamie Sale to sell his cartoons. JuiceCom has now evolved into a bigger company now known as "Custom Cartoons" (yes, that's us). Everything you could order from JuiceCom Cartoons is available to the order in the exact same style with us.

Can I copy artwork from your site?
No. Without permission you may not copy or use any art from this web site. Please read the copyright notice at the bottom of every page. We will track down and close web sites that use our cartoons illegally.

What is ToonJam Studios? Has it taken over Custom Cartoons?
Nope, Custom Cartoons is still owned by the same person it always has been, Jamie Sale. ToonJam Studios Ltd is the name that Custom Cartoons officially trades under.

Has your question been answered? If not, please E-mail us and we'll be pleased to help you.

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