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About Custom Cartoons

Custom Cartoons is a small studio based in Braintree, Essex. We have been going since May 2008 and are growing strong.

The basic idea of of Custom Cartoons is to give people a modern alternative the caricatures. A great gift that can be found nowhere else online.

Customer Service
At Custom Cartoons, customer service is such a high priority. It's what we pride ourselves on. So long as you are happy, we are happy. That is why our customer return rate is currently a sky high 21% (August 2011). That's over a fifth of our customers. Not only is it because there is so much we can offer with these drawings, but because the customers are really satisfied with their one-to-one service. We have yet to have a disappointed customer.


Previous to the Custom Cartoons franchise, we were originally known as "JuiceCom Cartoons." JuiceCom Cartoons was created in July 2006 by an apiring young artist trying to sell his work. This artist is Jamie Sale.

Jamie Sale CartoonistJamie Sale
Our primary artist is Jamie Sale. Ever since childhood he aspired to be a cartoonist of some sort. After getting rave reviews sketching family, friends, teachers and colleagues over the years, he decided to see if he could actually make money from his funny pictures. He discovered that there was nowhere on the web who made personalized cartoons in that style.

The Change

The transition from JuiceCom to Custom Cartoons occured after Jamie decided the company wasn't going to get very far being called "JuiceCom." The name didn't really mean anything and wasn't a very search engine friendly name. That's why he changed to "Custom Cartoons."

The name change and a lot of hard work eventually brought more success to the company. It has now evolved into a bigger franchise, with several artists now working with the company just to keep up!

The Future
The future looks very promising for Custom Cartoons and all of those involved. We will eventually be looking to do animation and production work. We will keep you posted. Watch this space!


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