Unique, Personalised Custom Caricatures - A Great Gift Idea For Couples, Weddings, Birthdays And Much More
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Unique Caricature Gifts

Welcome to Custom Cartoons. If you were thinking of getting a special gift for a loved one, then why not get a unique personalised modern caricature, seen nowhere else on the web. This a completely new breed of caricature. A caricature that can be kept as a memento forever and always looked back on with a smile. Our unique caricature style will not be found anywhere else on the internet, so you can guarantee you will have the most original gift to your friends and loved ones. We are a small studio based in Essex, England, specialising in creating cartoon caricature portraits and graphics for your custom, while keeping the price very affordable. 

All caricatures are hand-drawn by a professional cartoonist from photo's and then digitized using high quality software. You'll get to view and approve your caricature before it's delivered. This way, you know exactly what you're getting and you'll know what to expect.

Browse through our examples to see what we have to offer, then check out our fantastic, affordable prices. We have the best known prices on the web and our customer service is second to none. For information on corporate cartoon orders, please see the click here.

Why Should I Use Custom Cartoons?

Firstly, you will not be able to get unique caricature gifts like ours anywhere else on the web. Not only that but our cartoons make a suitable gift for anyone for absolutely any occasion. For example, The caricature gifts make a romantic gift for Valentine's Day, a special gift for a birthday, a unique wedding gift, a cool christmas present. We really could go on forever.

Our unique caricature portraits are a fantastic, modern alternative to the average caricature. Available nowhere else on the internet. You are also not limited to the cartoons we advertise, If you have a special request, we are more than happy to quote you on it.

It's all about you! Customer satisfaction is our priority. We work our cartoons until you, our valued customer, are happy. We are here to support you every step of the way. Our service is professional, quick and swift. We offer a large range of custom portraits and because of the nature of our work, your options are absolutely limitless. If you like The Simpsons, Futurama or Family Guy cartoons, the chances are, you will LOVE our cartoon style.

Our prices are very affordable and competitive. The quality of our caricatures offer excellent value for money. Your cartoon will always be kept in our database if you ever require another copy. We don't charge any extra for small props.

What We Require From You...

These are the ideal photo's we require from you. You will be much happier with your final custom cartoon by sending us these or as many photo's as possible!

Ideal Photo's

  • Front view of face
  • Side view of face
  • 5 O'clock view of face
  • Full body
The more photo's you send, the better. Please don't send dark, grainy or small photo's as we cannot work from them. Obviously we are aware you may not be able to get these pictures if they are for somebody else as a present. Facebook is a great way to get photo's of your friends to send us, without giving it away by taking obvious photo's of them.

Make your wedding gift stand out from the crowd, Get a personalised custom caricature cartoon as a the ideal gift that will be never be forgotten. These will be cherished FOREVER!


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